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Want To Learn How To Shrink Wrap?

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EnCaPS are proud to offer a bespoke, comprehensive training package for Industrial Shrink Wrap installations and provide a tailored service with ongoing support.

Despite being exclusively a Supply & Fix business, are now realising that some larger Scaffold firms would like to bring this product in house in hopes of completing projects themselves. For reference we sell all the materials you need to get started today. Please find more information in our shop.

Contents of training:

Introduction to materials and tools
Scaffold and product optimisation
Suitable material selection
Weather control/preparation
Installation training
Environmental awareness
Certificate Issued for basic training

Our training service can vary depending on requirements however we suggest a minimum of 2 days to enable familiarization with the Shrink Wrap process and techniques; a contractor should always support more challenging requirements to prepare trainees for a wide variety of situations for ‘live’ projects.

Examples of contractor support

Every project has an element of uniqueness behind it, whether that be an unusual shape; location or client expectations. We can provide support to you to help optimise your Scaffold for the best results. Some examples of advise we can offer:

Roof installation can be complicated due to the unknown upward wind directions/wind traps – Span limitations and capabilities can be advised as well as HOW to set out your Scaffold ready for an installation.

Large installs require careful thought in planning how to Shrink Wrap the structure to maximise the ‘life expectancy’ of the sheeting. We have tried and tested for many years the absolute best methods to install roofs of all sizes.

If you have a larger project and you feel you need a team of specialists to install your Shrink Wrap, do not hesitate to contact us for an experienced and hard working team of Fully trained professionals.

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For a quotation we will need the most accurate dimensions of the scaffold as you can provide, preferably the scaffold design drawings, along with as much information on the works as possible, i.e. location, working hours, etc.

A face to face meeting to assess your project is beneficial for both parties. This will allow us to discuss your requirements and indeed ours in respect of what we need to make your scaffold both safe and ready for Shrink Wrap.

You can use the form below or you can call us on 01202 934933 or 07796 541244.