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Weather Protection @ Canterbury West Station

EnCaPSwrap’s installation team installed 750m2 of Side Sheeting for Network Rail over 2 days -providing Weather Protection ready for the Restoration of this listed station building.

Due to being next to a live rail way with thousands of commuters coming to and from the station every day, it was necessary for a more robust system of cladding to be provided instead of Monarflex. Detached netting could be dangerous when near the public, especially if some found its way on to the rail way line or worse.

This kind of pre emptive attitude towards safety is one of the huge contributing reasons why Shrink Wrap is becoming so popular with our clients and not just in the Industrial and Commercial sector.

We are proud to work alongside local scaffolding firms in whichever county we find ourselves in, providing main contractors and scaffolding firms themselves a one stop and stress free supply and installs service.

We are growing day by day and are ready to take on more work, please do not hesitate to contact Lee on: 07796 541244

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