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Bracknell Train Station

If you are a Londoner, then you definitely know the Bracknell Train Station. Like any other infrastructural project, they too wanted some renovation. With the project taking place during the winter, there was an existential threat of delays due to poor weather. So, they had to find a reliable partner to help them put the project on course. And, their first point of contact was EnCaPS.

EnCaPS scaffolding shrink wrap is known for its efficiency in weather protection because it is heat shrunk over and around the scaffolding structure making it“drum tight”, and thereby providing a lot of resilience to high winds. Using the same procedure, we were able to encapsulate the entire structure from the destructive elements. Despite the bad weather, we managed to continue with the renovation process without any interruption.

For Bracknell trains station, the project was the relocation of the entire building and the replacement of all it windows.

How we did it

We understand that shrink wrapping a scaffolding requires the contractor to make frequent visits to the construction site to repair any damage to the sheeting. Equipped with such knowledge, we simplified the contractor’s work. Instead of using the elastic bungee cords to fasten the sheeting to the scaffold, we used shrink wrap sheeting by attaching it to the scaffolding by wrapping it around a scaffold tube and then heat welding the plastic to itself. The result was an attachment point that was as sturdy as the original material.

Our Shrink Wrap Material

To make sure that the scaffolding structure was well protected,we used a shrink wrap that contained maximum UV inhibitors to ensure that there was maximum performance. Moreover, considering the magnitude of the project, our EVA shrink wrap retained some elasticity after shrinking, thereby eliminating the brittleness that caused the shrink wrap to puncture in cold weather.

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August, 2015


Castle Scaffolding





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