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Most old buildings that housed manufacturing sited contained asbestos for thermal insulation, fire retarding, and several other uses. However, research has proved that asbestos canbe a very noxious material. When the fibres in the material are dispersed in the course of removal, they get into the air; if they are inhaled, they can result in very serious health complications.

Before you contemplate on removing asbestos from a building, itis important to involve specialists who have the know-how of the process. Additionally, you must also ensure that the entire building is completely sealed off to limit contamination to other areas that are asbestos-free.

When Ford Dagenham was faced with an asbestos removal project, they searched for a company that could undertake the containment process with impeccable efficacy. And, they found EnCaPS. They have no regrets whatsoever for choosing us for the containment project.

How We Did It

We approached our containment project by shrink wrapping the scaffolding, and then welding the wrapping into place to create the ultimate seal between the shrink-wrap sheeting. Byso doing, the hazardous gases emanating from the removal process were air locked within the shrink wrap and, thereby, there were no emissions into the air. Subsequently, these were demolitions of the buildings which involved the use of explosives. The shrink wrap was able to protect the chemicals and boulders from reaching the public within the vicinity.

In additional to the Containment provided by our shrink wrap, the project was also given weather protection from high winds and consistent rainy spells throughout the beginning of the year, contributing to the efficient removal of the asbestos and resulting huge success of the project.

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We have efficiently undertaken several containment projects with unrivaled efficacy. And, we can assure you that we are the best in containment. You can take this to the bank: We offer the safest containment to meet the environmental regulations.

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January, 2017






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