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National Grid

National Grid London is one area with several power sites. And, like any other large energy project that must be protected from weather, National Grid was in the same position. Luckily, they knew their first point of call; it was at EnCaPS.

Why Were We Chosen?

Weather encapsulation is one project that requires a lot of skill and tact; especially when you are handling an energy project. Not everyone can handle a project the size of National Grid. It is a very difficult niche to permeate. Moreover, the certifications required to handle such a project are only given to very few players in the shrink wrapping industry. And, we are among the very few players who have the BESC certification for electrical safety.

How We Did It

We were awarded the contract to encapsulate several projects to provide weather protection for the for London grid sites in St Johns wood, Wandsworth, and Wimbledon. We used shrink wrap as the most appropriate method for encapsulating the towers and ‘branches’ of the steel work.

We were able to hat shrink the shrink wrap to offer a ‘drum tight’ and tear resilient covering over the scaffold covering the grid sites. The UV inhibitors and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) of our shrink wrap material made it pliant to enable it to withstand the cold weather that of the makes it brittle. We managed to create a conducive environment within the power grid stations and averted any damages that could have resulted from the bad weather. We were able to complete the project using our time-saving installation.

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We meet all the criteria required to handle such a project; our portfolio confirms that we have handled similar projects before.

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