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If you have carried out any construction project, you must be aware of how hazardous abrasive blasting can be if it is not safeguarded. It involves the propelling of highly-pressurized abrasive materials in order to alter the shape of a surface. Shrink Wrap enclose the entire area where the process is being undertaken in order to prevent the prevalence of dust in the air which is hazardous. It provides a containment whereby blasting materials and coatings are restricted to one area. Our company will efficiently install the Shrink Wrap in your construction project to provide a conducive environment for your workers.


We have to transport goods from one place to another whether it is by road, air or even sea. However, we can never be sure of the condition our goods will be in by the time they reach their destination. Shrink wrap your products to make sure they retain their integrity by the time they reach the destination. Shrink wrap will contain the treated air used to preserve goods and will prevent any water from leaking in as it is waterproof. It is also long-lasting which guarantees the safety of your goods regardless of how long it takes to transport them. However, it has to be properly installed for it to be efficient. We offer installation services at a very affordable price all for your convenience.


This involves the ͞drum-fitting͟ of shrink wrap around a scaffold structure or an area to prevent any damage or to ensure the public’s safety. Shrink wrapping will prevent any substance from contaminating your equipment which increases the lifespan tremendously. When you cover the entire area of your construction project using shrink wrap, you provide a favorable working condition for your workers and even allowing to work through any harsh weather conditions. This makes sure your schedule is on time. This covering will prevent any tearing or wearing as it is highly durable. We will survey your entire construction project and see how best to cover it with shrink wrap all to your convenience.


When storing your boat during the winter season or transporting goods using your boat, you will need to ensure they retain their integrity. Shrink wrapping is very flexible, that is, regardless of how big or small your boat is, it can be fully-covered. We will tightly fit the shrink wrap around your boat to prevent any adverse weather effects from harming it. During the transportation of goods by sea, a lot may happen. Shrink wrapping is non-permeable so no salty water will contaminate your goods. The shrink wrap will also prevent any moisture from accumulating within the boat structure. Our experts will efficiently install the covering on your goods to prevent any harm that may occur.


Being humans, we cannot correctly predict how the weather will be or how it will affect us. This uncertainty can derail a construction project making it take longer than expected. To avoid all these inconveniences, use shrink wrap to protect your construction equipment for as long as you want. If efficiently applied, it will prevent your equipment from corroding, as it is weather-proof, making their use as efficient as before. Shrink wrap also has accessories which will help you access your equipment as you please. It can vents to allow airflow or access doors which do not affect the integrity of the shrink wrap. We will efficiently cover any scaffold structure and even provide accessories according to your specifications.


If you are thinking of relocating or extending the lifetime of a certain product, then our industrial coatings will work for you. These coatings are applied using brushes, paint rollers and airless sprayers. If the need is more complex, they can be applied using electro-coating and pinning. Our shrink wrap can be used to provide a coating which acts as a barrier from chemical activities which may
corrode most surfaces. It can be used to enclose outdoor workplaces, shield sensitive equipment from adverse weather and protect your items when relocating. Shrink wrapping is efficient for industrial use as it is very simple to apply. Our experts will efficiently shrink wrap your products for you all for your convenience.


Industrial painting is not your everyday task which makes it all the more sensitive. It is carried out on all form of structures whether it is a bridge, a hospital or any other industrial facility. This poses a lot of problem for more people and a larger portion of our environment. It should be done safely and efficiently. Shrink wrapping can be used to contain the entire area where this process is being undertaken. It provides a conducive environment for the workers and enables a continuous workflow without affecting the temperature. We will install the shrink wrap which contains UV inhibitors on your structures to ensure the industrial painting is successful.

Shrink Wrap Calculator

Below you can work out how much it will cost to supply and fix your shrink wrap. First, calculate how big your structure will be in square meters. For example: 30m perimeter x 6m height = 180m2.

Drag the slider to the appropriate total m2. The first slider will estimate the number rolls needed if you wish to install the shrink wrap yourself.  The second provides an estimate cost for our Supply & Fix service, carried out with nationwide availability at short notice.

This calculator is fantastic for a quick costing of either Supply & Fix, or just supply. Please remember however that each job may vary in price depending on individual factors such location, size or whether the project must be completed over a weekend/night shifts. The number of rolls required for Supply only will also depend largely on the competancy of your installers and how economic/resourceful they are with the product.

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