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Shrink Wrap for Abrasive Blasting

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Abrasive Blasting

Well, shrink wrap has many applications nowadays in a range of industries. In fact, most contractors will list shrink wrap as a top priority for their project. One area where shrink wrap is an absolute necessity is in abrasive blasting.

Shrink wrap can provide total encapsulation of your project during abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting involves propelling high-pressure torrent of abrasive materials against a surface. The purpose is usually to roughen, flatten or change the shape of the surface.

During the process, a large amount of fine dust is released and covers the area. If not contained, the fine dust particles may be an environmental hazard.

Thus, you must aim to protect workers from toxic dust levels and hazardous substances. These could be from both the blasting material and the core substrate and coatings undergoing blasting. In this way, there is a need for containment to reduce the effects of dust in the environment.

Usually, the best option here is to hire a professional shrink wrap company. Shrink wrapping will contain the dust and keep the area safe from dust pollution.

Health Hazards If You Don’t Use Shrink Wrap

Contractors working around the area must at all times wear protective gear. This is because the dust particles from abrasive blasting can pose serious health risks. But using shrink wrap can reduce this risk.

You can expect to hear high levels of noise during abrasive blasting. Unfortunately, shrink wrapping cannot prevent noise pollution. But it can protect you from further particles emanating from the surface of the material.

The material undergoing blasting could contain toxic substances. Using a shrink wrap will prevent these poisonous substances circulating the area.

Some of these toxic substances may include:

Silica sand (crystalline) – can result in breathing problems, silicosis, and lung cancer.

Garnet sand and coal slag – may precipitate lung damage.

Copper slag, glass and nickel slag – can cause lung damage.

Steel grit – can cause lung damage.

Benefits Of Shrink Wrap In Abrasive Blasting

Shrink Wrap provides encapsulation of scaffolding structures around buildings undergoing abrasive blasting. It traps any debris coming out of the blasting area. Thus, ensuring workers and passerby are not exposed to harm.

Choose An Experienced Shrink Wrap Provider

You can work with EnCaPS by either buying our shrink wrap films or using our experienced teams. We secure your structure from emanating dust particles.

Outmoded sheeting manufacturers design it to disengage in high winds. We do not recommend it. We offer an uninterrupted and tight wrap around a scaffold. Well, this protects the building and the surrounding area for the duration of the project.

We guarantee total encapsulation on site. We offer a sealing process that leaves no space between scaffolding ledgers and floors/ceilings. Besides protecting the exterior environment, we also provide containment to maintain temperature. As well as provide humidity to assist in cladding and repainting.

You can contact us if you need shrink wraps for any Abrasive Blasting project. We are specialist in the field, and we can guarantee a professional and safe execution of the project.

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