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Shrink Wrap for Industrial Coating Projects

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Using Shrink Wraps In Industrial Coating Projects

Industrial coatings are essential in protecting the underlying material from corrosion and other denting incidents. Often, it occurs to prevent corrosion of steel and concrete or in making the underlying material less susceptible to fire. The coats are intended to extend over the lifetime of the underlying material to reduce the replacement costs.

Typically, the coats are applied using brushes, paint rollers and airless sprayers. Others may use complex methods such as auto-phoretic application, pinning or electro-coating. The industrial coating may also be used for several purposes.

What are the industrial coating applications?

Industrial coating is intended to provide a barrier between chemical activities and oxidation by offering a protective lining. Today, industrial coatings are applicable in:

Provision of shrink-wrap containment tents for maintenance.

Shrink wrapping jobless kit to preserve its value.

Providing all-season outdoor workspaces.

Shrink wrapping equipment for relocation.

Shrink wrapping goods to ensure that they are received in the condition they were when they left the production line.

Shielding sensitive equipment from the environment.

Why shrink wrap in industry?

Shrink wrapping is a very simple process that requires heat and a plastic wrap. Using some shrink paper and some heat, you can weatherproof, waterproof and even tamper-proof anything you have. So, if you are applying some coating or engaging in any industrial coating of your building, you need to ensure that you shrink wrap it to protect it from adverse weather conditions while also offering safety to employees and the general public.

The ideal time to deal with industrial maintenance and repair is right now. When you use the preventive maintenance route can save you a lot of time and energy. It will also save your equipment from corrosion, rust and environmental destruction. Protecting industrial equipment requires an industrial strength epoxy material that will ensure that your assets are well protected.

Trust EnCaPS – shrink wrap specialists.

Our team of experienced specialist has mastered the art of Industrial Coating. We will protect your equipment by covering it with industrial grade epoxy coating that will give your equipment a lease of life. We offer solutions for:

Oil Derrick Coatings – glazing your equipment with an industrial grade epoxy coating to guard your investment.

Oil Tank Coatings – guarding your investment against, corrosion, elements, and material break down, curtailing repair.

Industrial Tank Coatings – Skillfully installed on schedule and within budget.

Industrial Pipe Coating – Industrial pipe coatings of all grades for any stipulations your project requires.

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