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Shrink Wrap for Industrial Painting

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Shrink Wrapping For Industrial Painting

Industrial and commercial items are often considered to be tough and rough. However, when it comes to industrial paintings, then you can imagine the amount of work that goes into it. When we talk of industrial painting, we are covering a broad spectrum of jobs that range from preparation to offering specialised coatings.

Often, there is difficulty getting the best candidates to offer industrial painting services. And, the services must be done safely and prudently. Whether it is a hospital, hotel, warehouse, bridge, or any industrial facility, industrial painting provides your structure with a first impression.

Painting industrial structures can pose problems to employees, traffic or even passersby. Shrink wrapping is a solution that helps in containing any elements that may escape and cause environmental problems.

For a successful industrial paint job, a comprehensive feasibility study has to be done. Planning is essential, and monitoring and evaluation are imperative. All quality standards must be adhered to according to the law. As a result, the building or industrial; complex must be shrink wrapped.

Shrink wrap containment’s are good for winterising your industrial construction and enables your project to go on as scheduled. The drum-tight containment established by the shrink wrap provides a continuous working environment while providing the required temperature. Forget about tarps that easily blow away. The drum-tight and seamless containment permit light inside the building being painted while inhibiting contaminants from spreading to the environment.

Just like in scaffolding, shrink wrapping provides you with drum-tight containment. Use of flame retardant shrink wrap can be ideal for industrial painting. The flame retardant shrink wrap has specialised additives that quench the wrap within seconds of removing the ignition source.


If not properly installed, shrink wrap can tarnish the painting works. It requires a lot of heat for shrinking to take place. Moreover whoever is applying the heat must be a highly skilled expert. An experienced expert will ensure they adhere to all precautions. Additionally, when it comes to painting, shrink wrap can retain some moistures that may harm the painting job being undertaken. As a result, ensure that proper ventilation of the shrink wrap is done.

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To avoid any problems during industrial painting, it is important to seek advice from experts. EnCaPS – shrink wrap specialists have been in the business for several years. We will provide and install your scaffold with shrink wrap material containing maximum UV inhibitors that will provide your industrial painting with the required performance. Your shrink wrap will also be prevented from any premature damages.

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