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Shrink Wrap For Marine Services

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A Shrinkwrap is a polyethene with UV inhibitors which is designed to shrink whenever it is heated to form a tight seal. The seal helps in keeping the elements of weather out of the boat while also preventing the tarping and tearing that occurs after few months of bad weather. In marine services, shrink wrapping occurs for two major purposes:

Boat Storage

During winter, most boat owners prefer to have their boats stored properly. How best can you store the boat if it is not shrink-wrapped? And, what material do you use to shrink wrap the boat to ensure that it is protected from the adverse elements of winter weather? For max protection, ensure your boat has robust support structures consisting of belly straps, tensioning tools, nylon strings, and buckles. Always ensure that the shrink wrap is tightly fitted with firm straps and perimeter bands to prevent it from caving in.

Boat Transport

Transporting is no mean feat. It requires diligence and extra care. After all, you are dealing with your investment remember! So, it is important to take additional steps to ensure that your investment is protected. Hence, to protect the boat, you should consider shrink wrapping to ensure that the boat is kept clean and protected from any adverse weather damages.

When shrink wrapping, ensure that there is no air trapped inside the boat. Trapped air inside the shrink wrap can damage the boat. Moreover, if the boat is not appropriately covered, air can get inside at very high pressure and damage the boat.

The predominant problem encountered with shrink-wrapped boats is that of moisture accumulation. Always remember that the polythene material used for shrink wrapping is non-permeable. Therefore, ensure that your boat is dry before you shrink wrap it. Additionally, incorporate some vents on the boat to enable it to breathe whenever it is stored.

To eliminate any negative incidents of moisture accumulation always clean the boat before it is shrink wrapped. Remove any elements, such as rodents that may harm the boat before you shrink wrap it. When the boat is stored, the hatches should be left open and have some bags of desiccant in the boat to ensure that it remains moisture-free during the duration of storage.

Proper Construction of the Support Structure

For successful shrink wrapping of boats, the support structure must be properly constructed. Construct a ridge at the centre of the boat with lumber, and have it supported with the particular cord that is used in securing the bottom edge of the wrap of the boat. The upper part of the support must be padded to prevent the wrap from rasping through.

When building the support, the area around the boat should be more in all directions. In this way, the snow and rain could slide off the wrap without building up near the boat.

Wrap Colors You are at liberty to select the wrap colours you prefer. Commonly the wraps come in dark blue and white colours. The white wraps are good in reflecting heat and thereby reducing condensation. Hence, the white wrap is ideal for warmer climates. The blue wraps will absorb heat which makes snow to melt and slide off the wrap. They are therefore ideal for snowy winters.

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