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How Much Does Shrink Wrap Cost?

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Shrink Wrap Calculator

Below you can work out how much it will cost to supply and fix your shrink wrap. First, calculate how big your structure will be in square meters. For example: 30m perimeter x 6m height = 180m2.

Drag the slider to the appropriate total m2. The first slider will estimate the number rolls needed if you wish to install the shrink wrap yourself. The second provides an estimate cost for our Supply & Fix service, carried out with nationwide availability at short notice.

This calculator is fantastic for a quick costing of either Supply & Fix, or just supply. Please remember however that each job may vary in price depending on individual factors such location, size or whether the project must be completed over a weekend/night shifts. The number of rolls required for Supply only will also depend largely on the competancy of your installers and how economic/resourceful they are with the product.

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For a quotation we will need the most accurate dimensions of the scaffold as you can provide, preferably the scaffold design drawings, along with as much information on the works as possible, i.e. location, working hours, etc.

A face to face meeting to assess your project is beneficial for both parties. This will allow us to discuss your requirements and indeed ours in respect of what we need to make your scaffold both safe and ready for Shrink Wrap.

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