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Why is Shrink Wrap Better?

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What Is Shrink Wrap

Scaffolding Shrink Wrap is often used in place of the more conventional sheeting that encapsulates scaffoldings, mainly to protect against external elements such as weather and also to contain construction sites. Shrink Wrap is usually the ‘Go To’ scaffold sheeting that contractors choose for their construction projects. When installed correctly Shrink Wrap Sheeting can survive severe weather conditions and provides a strong and durable protective layer around the required area over long periods of time.

Traditional Sheeting vs Shrink Wrap

Traditional scaffold sheeting has been in use for the last few decades and it is very common to see this sheeting surrounding scaffolding structures across the country. It is made up of individual sheets of a reinforced plastic and is applied in various sizes. The seal is achieved by overlapping individual sheets and then securing them using bungee ties.

While traditional sheeting is still used today, the method used to secure it leaves gaps between the sheeting which makes containment ‘patchy’ at best. It also lacks durability as the initial tight fixing loosens over time and this can be accelerated by strong winds and rain.

Shrink Wrap on the other hand uses an entirely different approach to encapsulation. The plastic sheets are joined together by heat welding which creates a constant seal around your construction site. Furthermore, Shrink Wrap is made up of a strong, flame retardant and durable plastic cladding which when exposed to heat, shrinks and so creates a tight cover that prevents dust and paint fumes from getting out and rain from getting in.


The versatility of this product is amazing, easily adaptable and shaped around even the most awkward of scaffold structures. This allows for a highly effective solution for projects requiring a more robust, durable protection against the elements both inside, and outside the scaffold sheeting. This includes reducing the potential hazards to people and the immediate environment from dust, paint, fumes, asbestos or anything else within the encapsulated structure. Complete Containment ensures NO harmful substances can escape, perfect for Grit Blasting, Asbestos Removal, Industrial Painting or projects in sensitive or volatile areas.

Aesthetically, Scaffold Shrink Wrap is an easy choice when it comes to giving a project an incredibly sleek and professional look, highly revered by our more prestigious clients. We are seeing more and more customers searching not only for the strength and durablity of our Shrink Wrap in the UK, but for the finished effect as well.

Benefits Include:

Drum-tight finish – No risk of it flying loose or self-destructing in high winds.

Long-lasting – Resisting all manner of weather and temperatures.

Robust – Comfortably providing edge/fall protection

Versatile – Any size or shaped structure can be covered. Puncture resistant Flame retardant & Innocuous .

100% Recyclable – quick and cost-effective to remove.

Aesthetically pleasing – gives a professional looking covering to the scaffolding site.

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